Fort Moultrie

I wasn’t sure we were going to make it to Fort Moultrie while we were in Charleston, mostly because I wasn’t sure what the parking situation would be on Sullivan’s Island. We were fully prepared to just drive by and see it from the road, so you can imagine how pleasantly surprised we were to discovered a nice, big, free parking lot adjacent to the Fort!

I’m so glad we were able to visit…it’s a much bigger installation than Fort Sumter, and very different. It also has a longer history, serving our country from the time of the American Revolution through WWII!


Like Fort Sumter, there is an indoor museum. We also got to watch a short film about the history of Fort Moultrie, which was very educational!

While we were walking around the Fort itself, we saw several big boats on the water:


It really is an impressive facility:


In addition to cannons, there were other military things to see:

And a really cool underground command center that was used during WWII:


The tomb of the Native American Oceola is located at Fort Moultrie…definitely not one of the Fort’s prouder moments, but part of its history just the same.


Even though we didn’t get to take a boat ride this time, the children all liked Fort Moultrie better than Fort Sumter…there’s just so much to see, do, and learn there!


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