2015-16 School Year–Week Two

It may only have been our second week of the new school year, but it was awfully busy!

We have now started all of our regular subjects except history. Since Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be overtaking Queen Victoria as the United Kingdom’s longest reigning monarch this coming Wednesday, we’ve been learning all we can about the current queen. So far, we’ve been watching every documentary I have about her and her reign (and there are quite a few!), and we’ll also be looking through some of the books I have about her and the royal family in the coming week, as well.

While Ladybug’s math lessons have all been review so far, Turkey and Bunny have jumped right into some new concepts, in addition to review. They’ve learned about absolute numbers, and have been working with addition, subtraction, and multiplication with both positive and negative numbers. I’m afraid it might be a very long year in math!

We are doing two different literature studies at the moment. Ladybug is working on Farmer Boy, and although she has workbook activities, Turkey and Bunny still have to listen to the story. And while they work on their assignments for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Ladybug has to listen in to that story, too. So far, both books have been popular with all of my students!

On Friday, we went on a special field trip. The children wanted to learn about Asia as their special subject this year, and The Magic House was hosting a “Children’s China:
Celebrating Culture, Character and Confucius” exhibit, so I decided we better go check it out before it was over! The children really enjoyed it…here, they’re in the panda reserve area of the exhibit…more details to follow!


I hope to have our full curriculum list up soon. In the meantime, I’ll elaborate more on the rest of our subjects in the weeks to come!

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