2015-16 School Year–Week Three

This was another insanely busy week of school! Actually, a week-and-a-half, because we also had two days of school last week, that I’ll just add to this summary.

We are back in the full swing of things now, and all of our extracurricular activities have started up again. That includes Bunny’s second year of volleyball, Ladybug’s second year of catechesis, and the first year of children’s choir for everybody but Chickadee. It’s going to take me quite some time to figure out how to balance all of that with school and housework. Let me tell you, right now, the housework is really suffering!

Last week, we finished our in-depth study of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in honor of her overtaking Queen Victoria at Britain’s longest-reigning monarch (and the longest-reigning female monarch in the world!). We watched Windsor Castle: A Royal Year, Queen and Country, Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work, and the Diamond Queen. We also had a fun tea party to celebrate, which I was able to prepare since we didn’t have school every day last week! We also managed to do some math and spelling, as well as religion in those two days.

This week, we finally settled into our full regular school routine (with the exception of our foreign language studies, which we’ll be starting soon). Turkey and Bunny’s math continues to pile on new concepts, including PEMDAS and rules regarding exponents. They’re keeping up, thankfully, but I had no idea how mentally exhausting it would be to teach seventh grade math! On the other hand, Ladybug’s fractions and multiplication tables seem easy to teach in comparison…

Turkey and Bunny have been working on taking notes, as well citing works in different ways, in preparation for writing an essay. Also mentally exhausting! Ladybug is worked on more detailed narrations, as well as longer dictations in her writing course.

Our literature studies have been going well. We all like Farmer Boy, so it’s a pleasure to read that book. Tom Sawyer is also a huge hit, although we reached the point this week where I had to read some very offensive language out loud, which I found very difficult to do. The story is very entertaining, though, and keeps us laughing!

In science, Ladybug has learned a bit about how birds fly, and about instinct and extinction. Turkey and Bunny have been learning about some of the ancient Greek scientists. Of course everyone loved the story of Archimedes, especially the part where he ran through the street naked!

We finally started our third volume of The Story of the World this week, as well. We’re picking up with where we left off last year, so we learned so more about the Conquistadors, and how slavery came to the Americas. We also learned about Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I. We even got to design our own tartan, which was very timely, as we’ll be going to the St. Louis Scottish Games next week!

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