Apple Picking 2015

Since Moose had the day off school today, and because it’s Fuji apple season, it seemed like the perfect morning to go to Eckert’s to pick some apples!

First things first, though…some pumpkin pictures outside the Country Store. You can tell when it’s fall in St. Louis, when you see the children in their Cardinals apparel with pumpkins as a backdrop!



We were on the first wagon of the morning out to the orchard, and we got right down to business:

I’m not sure anyone enjoyed it more than Chickadee…I’ve never seen her eat an apple so quickly!

An apple orchard is a beautiful place to be!




We walked around the Garden Center, where we saw this amazing Cardinals Christmas tree:


We also walked through the Country Store, where we got to watch apple cider donuts being made. Of course we had to buy some (they were even still warm!), to go with the gallon of cider we were purchasing!


It was sprinkling a bit, but we still had to visit the Fun Corral, because climbing in the big apple is an important part of my children’s apple-picking experience:


We also stopped to see the animals. These goats were very excited to see us…they all came running as soon as one of them spotted us! I think they were a bit disappointed that we didn’t have any food, though!


Eckert’s has been part of our family traditions for so long, I almost can’t remember a time we weren’t visiting, and we’re always planning our next trip out to the farm!

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