The Lego Set That Brought Me to Tears

Yes, you read that correctly…the announcement of a new Lego set brought me to tears.

It’s no secret that Ryan and I are huge fans of all things Lego, and it’s not just because all five of our children love them. It’s not even because they’re such high quality toys. It’s because we love building Lego sets ourselves!

We’ve built quite a few things together over the years, and our favorites are always the Lego modular buildings. It’s been so much fun to see what new buildings are added to the collection, and we love stringing out the building process of each for three or four nights, to get the most enjoyment out of it. And once they’re built, they go in a place of pride in the entry room of our home…anyone who walks in our front door can see how important Lego is to us!


It’s also no secret that I’ve longed for Lego to add a bank to this series. I’ve talked about it several times, and I’ve been specific…I was dreaming of a corner bank, and not just any bank…it needed to be complete with a clock on the corner, like many old bank buildings you see across America.

On Sunday, just before we went into church, I happened to be scrolling through Twitter, and I saw that Lego had announced the one set I had been dreaming of…a corner bank, complete with clock. I couldn’t believe it! And, yes, I actually started crying. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but when you’ve been hoping and dreaming for something specific for years, even when that something is generally regarded as a child’s toy, and you see it become a reality, and it’s just like you dreamed it, it’s hard not to get emotional!

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