2015-16 School Year–Weeks Six and Seven

We’ve been so busy, I never got around to last week’s wrap-up, so it’s two-for-one this week!

We’ve started reading Mr. Pipes and Psalms and Hymns of the Reformation. It’s fun reading about familiar Lutheran hymn writers as we approach Reformation Day! We also enjoyed identifying all of the 27 Martin Luther hymns that are in Lutheran Service Book!

Math hasn’t been too bad. Turkey and Bunny have been working with the metric system, which is mostly review. They’ve also been working on converting decimals to fractions, and fractions to decimals. Things got a little interesting when we threw repeating decimals into the mix, but they survived. Ladybug has been working on equations that are a little more complicated…I think she’s just relieved she doesn’t have to do the kinds of equations her siblings are working on!

Our history lessons have focused on the Ottoman Empire, as well as more colonization of the Americas. I keep telling the children how much I like studying this period of history…but I say that about every period in history we study! I just can’t help it…It’s my favorite subject!

Turkey and Bunny have finished the first module in their science text, and survived their first junior high science test, on which they both did very well. We’re now working on learning about the scientific method, which isn’t really new, and how scientific theory eventually becomes law. Ladybug has been learning about the habitats of birds, and how to identify their calls and songs.

I’m sure there’s more we’ve been doing, but when you put off writing off the summary, it’s easy to leave things off!

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