2015-16 School Year–Week Twelve

This was another crazy week of school, trying to fit as much normal stuff in as possible before we start on Christmas school next week!

We’ve started our Jesse Tree readings, as well as our new Advent read-aloud, Ishtar’s Odyssey. We’re really enjoying Arnold Ytreeide’s newest Advent installation! We’ve also continued reading through our latest Mr. Pipes book. I’m not sure that we’ll finish it before our Christmas break, but that’s my current goal.

Math for Turkey and Bunny has involved at lot of percentages. They’ve been working on percent increase and decrease, as well as simple and compound interest, and profit and royalties. Ladybug has been working on equivalent fractions.

We continued our regular literature readings in Farmer Boy and Tom Sawyer, much to the children’s chagrin. They really wanted me to start A Christmas Carol this week instead. We’ll begin that next week.

Our history lessons took us to Russia this week, where we learned about Peter the Great. We also learned a bit about the science of farming, and the kind of advancements that were made in tools and crop rotation at that time in history.

In science, Turkey and Bunny have been studying archaeology, geology, and paleontology. These topics will be the focus of the next several chapters of their science text. Ladybug, meanwhile, has been learning about how birds fly, after learning about their feathers in the last chapter.

I’m looking forward to learning about Christmas around the world next week!

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