2015-16 School Year–Weeks Fifteen and Sixteen

Last week was kind of crazy, due to a two-day week of school for Moose (two scheduled days off and one snow day), and a lot of furniture moving, so I decided to just wait until today to do a two-week wrap-up!

We started Mr. Pipes Comes to America last week. So far, we’ve enjoyed this book, especially as it has tied in nicely to our history studies, which have focused on the American Revolution. It has, so far, been the book with the fewest familiar (to us) hymn writers, however!

In math, Turkey and Bunny have been working on permutations and combinations. Ladybug had been revisiting Roman numerals and working with different forms of measurement. They’ve come to the halfway point in their workbooks, which feels like quite an accomplishment!

We finished Farmer Boy this week…Ladybug is looking forward to beginning Charlotte’s Web next. Turkey and Bunny are still working through Tom Sawyer, and we’re all looking forward to finding out what is going to happen next in that story.

Turkey and Bunny are continuing to learn about geology in science. We’ve been focusing on fossils so far this week. Ladybug is learning about eggs, after having finished the chapter on nests.

Our history lessons have focused on the early wars fought in North American thanks to the European colonization of the continent. I always enjoy a visit to the time of the Revolutionary War, so I’ve really enjoyed our studies. We’ll be learning about the early days of the new country of the United States of America next week.

As I mentioned at the beginning, we have rearranged our school room yet again. The bookshelves from our library/guest room have been moved into the school room, so now all of our school stuff is in one place. It’s kind of cozy this way, and even though it was a lot of work moving all of those books, I really like it!

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