Bathroom Makeover

I have clearly lost my mind. You would think the furniture rearranging (which touched every room of the house except the kitchen), furniture buying, basement and garage cleaning for the large item trash pickup, and the impending electrical work and painting in Ryan’s new office would have been enough in the way of home improvements, right? Apparently not.

The children and I have been talking about me paining their bathroom for years, but I never got around to it. Yesterday, however, I was in there cleaning, and thinking that if we were going to paint Ryan’s new office, the children really deserved to have their bathroom painted, too. So, off we went to Home Depot to find the exact paint color we wanted (we had already decided on some shade of coral), and to purchase the paint, which was a first for me…I had to ask a lot of questions!

When we got home, I got to work.

It really didn’t take too long, although it seemed like an eternity at the time. This morning I put the room back together (I didn’t buy any new bathroom accessories, but what  we already had looks great with the new color), and I love how it turned out! It’s definitely an intense color, and when the lights are on, the whole room glows. The children love it, and I was treated like a hero for getting it done, so it was a pretty fun project in the end!

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