2015-16 School Year–Week Seventeen

Another week down, and we all survived!

Math has been kind of fun this week. Turkey and Bunny had a quarterly math exam on Monday (they both got Bs), and I feel like maybe I’m doing an ok job of teaching based on their results. They’ve been working on geometry this week, and have been learning how to find the area of shapes other than parallelograms. Ladybug has mostly been reviewing this week, so she had an easy time of it, too!

In writing, Turkey and Bunny have been learning how to analyze poetry, and have also been writing character sketches. Bunny really enjoys poetry, so she’s been having a good time! Ladybug has been learning about prepositional phrases in grammar, and doing dictation in both that subject and in writing.

History took us to the early days of our country, and the writing of the Constitution. We discussed the three branches of government, and what the function of each is. We also learned about George Washington as President, after having learned about him as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during our study of the American Revolution last week.

Turkey and Bunny have been learning more about geology in science, while Ladybug has been learning about eggs. The bird project Turkey and Bunny did in 2011 has been  a very useful addition to her lessons, and she really enjoys all the pictures we have of the birds that were hatched in our tree. We also did an experiment to see how strong eggs are, and thankfully, none of them cracked unexpectedly!

I have some fun things planned for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day next week, plus we’ll be beginning our Lenten activities…I can’t believe how fast Lent has come up this year!

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