2015-16 School Year–Weeks Twenty and Twenty-One

The last two weeks have been insanely busy! I think that’s going to be the norm from now until the end of the school year…

In math, Turkey and Bunny are still being immersed in geometry. They’ve been working on so many things that I don’t remember studying until high school…I can’t tell you how much that scares me! Ladybug has been working with equivalent fractions, which seems tame compared to the junior high math I’ve been teaching…it’s the little things that make you thankful!

While Ladybug continues to work her way through Charlotte’s Web, Turkey and Bunny have finally finished The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. No is sadder than I am that the book ended! I can’t believe I never read it before, but I kind of wish it could have kept going forever! Next week, we start on The Trojan War.

In history, we’ve learned about Catherine the Great, the creation of the cotton gin, standardization, and opium trade in China. We’re going to be learning about Napoleon soon, which I’m looking forward to!

Ladybug has been learning about bats in science. While I understand how important they are, they completely freak me out. While the children really like them (and even think they’re cute?!?), I’ll be glad to move on! Turkey and Bunny have been comparing and contrasting uniformitarianism and catastrophism…they have a test on these topics next week.

We had a fun time celebrating Leap Day this week. We made origami frogs, which was a new activity, and much more challenging than I was expecting, and we played leapfrog, which is always fun.

We have another two weeks of school (I think), and then it’s time for spring break!

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