2015-16 School Year–Week Twenty-Two

This was a very pleasant week of school!

We started with a half-day on Monday, since Moose had the day off (Casimir Pulaski Day). They were very happy to have a little break, and we spent the rest of the day watching some of my favorite sports movies (A League of Their Own, Field of Dreams, and Hoosiers).

The rest of the week we stuck to our regular schedule. Turkey and Bunny continued working on new geometry concepts in math. They also started graphing equations this week…I really don’t remember doing that until high school! Ladybug has been working on finding the area and volume of different shapes/solids. And there was hardly any complaining from anyone about the tests this week!

Turkey and Bunny began their literature study of The Trojan War yesterday. The names, places, and events are all familiar, because they’ve dedicated themselves to studying Greek mythology, but it’s always nice to read about it from a different point-of-view. Ladybug is continuing to work through Charlotte’s Web. We’ve also almost finished Mr. Pipes Comes to America. We finally came across a chapter about a Lutheran American hymn writer (Matthias Loy)…this book has been full of writers who are not easy to find in our hymnal!

In science, Turkey and Bunny have moved on to learning about life. We’re slowing working our way through the necessary elements for something to be considered alive. They even got to build a DNA model, although they were a little disappointed that theirs didn’t look quite like the picture in the textbook! Ladybug finally finished her chapter on bats, much to my relief!

In history, we learned about the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the revolution in Haiti. While I’m very familiar with Napoleon, the information about the French colony of Saint-Domingue, Toussaint Louverture’s rebellion, and General Leclerc was all new to me. Seeing how that tied in with the Louisiana Purchase here in America was fascinating…I love getting to learn with my children!

I think we’re just going to have a few days of school next week, and then we’ll begin our much-needed spring break. We have a lot of big events coming up, including Turkey’s 13th birthday, Ladybug’s confirmation, Chickadee’s birthday, and, of course, Holy Week and Easter, so we’re going to need the time off!

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