2015-16 School Year–Week Twenty-Four

You know that feeling when you spend the better part of a week worrying about upcoming math and science tests, because you realize you may have poorly timed your spring break right after introducing new material, and it was a longer-than-usual spring break on top of it, so you’re certain that your students aren’t going to do very well, and then they surprise you and ace everything?

That was my week this week!

I kind of felt all week that Turkey and Bunny weren’t really grasping their math. We kept working at it, doing extra worksheets and extra practice in class, but I was still apprehensive. They were working on adding and subtracting systems of equations, and quite honestly, I think that’s a tough concept at first. But in spite of all of the complaining and struggling, plus some similar reactions from the students, as well, they both did a great job, and I’m thinking maybe they did manage to learn something in spite of their teacher!

Ladybug has been working diligently on diagramming sentences, She’s added compound subjects and verbs (at the same time!) to her diagrams. Frankly, I’m a bit tired of diagrams, but she still likes doing them, so I guess that’s all that matters. Again, work being accomplished in spite of the teacher!

Turkey and Bunny have continued to study life in science, and Ladybug has been learning about insects. In addition to learning the three main parts of an insect (head, thorax, and abdomen), she learned things like the different kinds of mouths and wings, and how they taste, smell, and feel things. I’m not a huge fan of the creepy-crawlies, but it has been interesting!

We studied westward expansion in history this week. We learned about the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, and Sacajawea.Because we live and learn in St. Louis, there wasn’t much new information for us, but it was fun to compare Lewis and Clark’s journey, and that of the settlers after them, to Oregon Trail, which the children have been interested in playing lately!

I think we’re looking at eight more weeks of school…seven if we’re really ambitious. I’m both excited about the light at the end of the tunnel of this school year, and freaking out about the idea of teaching two eighth graders, a fourth grader, and maybe even a kindergartener next year…Chickadee is interested in learning how to read, so I think she’ll be starting school soon!

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