A Parisian Unicorn

Most fans of Pinup Girl Clothing have their unicorns (items of clothing that are no longer available that you kick yourself for not purchasing when you had the chance). My number one unicorn (a purple and green harlequin Jenny skirt) is supposed to be re-released this fall maybe. But the other unicorn I had longed for (the Paris print Jenny skirt) was re-released last month, and you just can’t believe how gorgeous it is!


I was surprised to discover that the background of the skirt is a light pink…I had assumed it was just an off-white. The extra shot of color makes it extra special, in my opinion. And the print is amazing…the colors and details are spectacular, and it matches my baton rouge peasant top perfectly!


I also made my first-ever direct-from-Erstwilder purchase. When I saw their new cherry blossom brooch, I knew I had to have it, and although I’ve ordered a few other Erstwilder pieces from Pinup Girl, this one had to come straight from Australia. The shipping speed was unbelievable…I had it within about 72 hours of ordering! And the brooch is just as pretty as I thought it would be, and goes very well with this outfit.


Do you have a Pinup Girl unicorn?

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