Zoo Friends Day

Today was Zoo Friends Day at the St. Louis Zoo…a special event for zoo members. It’s been years since we last had a zoo membership, and I don’t think we went to this event then, so it was a totally new experience for us!

There were many free activities…we got to ride the carousel, pet the stingrays, and take a lap around the zoo on the Zooline Railroad.


We could have tried to get free tickets to the sea-lion show, as well, but we decided to just watch the feeding, and then walk through the very cool underwater tunnel.

It was a beautiful afternoon to be at the zoo!

Of course, when we were done at the zoo, it just happened to be dinnertime, and we just happened to be six minutes from Seamus McDaniel’s. For the record, I protested…but only a little!


This was the fun way to spend the last day of a busy work week, and the first day of an even busier weekend!

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