2015-16 School Year–Week Twenty-Nine

Math was so easy this week, I hardly knew what to do with myself! Turkey and Bunny worked on flips, turns, slides, and reflections…no problems there. And Ladybug worked on division with larger numbers which wasn’t really new, and was also easy. As a bonus, everyone finished their math lessons in record time all week, which meant our school days were a bit shorter as a result!

All three of my students finished their spelling workbooks this week. Turkey and Bunny have always been great spellers, and this year was no different. Spelling has been a bit of a struggle for Ladybug, though…I assume because of her dyslexia. But this year, she has improved more than I dreamed was possible! I’m so proud of her…she didn’t give up when things were difficult, and she worked hard and did her best all year!

In history, we learned more about slavery and Nat Turner’s rebellion. We also read about how China finally opened up trade to the west, not by choice, but as part of an “agreement” they made with Britain. Next week, we get to learn about the Alamo, one of the few places I’ve actually visited myself!

Turkey and Bunny finished up learning about the superstructure of the body in science. They’ll have a test on that next week, and then we’ll move on to the last chapter on which they will be tested. Ladybug finished up her chapter on social insects, and will be moving on to other kinds of insects next week.

We even found time for a field trip this week! The Missouri History Museum’s monthly “homeschool day” was focused on their new “Little Black Dress” exhibit. The big girls and I had already walked through it, but I wanted to go back, and I was hoping we’d learn some new things while we were there. In the end, I was kind of disappointed with the program they were running, but I got to teach them more as we walked through the exhibit, and we went through some of our other favorite museum exhibits while we were there, so it wasn’t a waste!


We still have plenty left to accomplish in the next few weeks, but things are slowly winding down!

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