Anniversary Dinner

Today is our 15th wedding anniversary!

We started our celebration a day early, with Chicago-style pizza for dinner last night…the same meal we had at our rehearsal dinner 15 years ago, only this time, it was homemade, and not from the kitchens of Giordano’s.


I wanted to make something fancy-ish for dinner tonight, but I also wanted it to be something that we would all like. With Ryan’s help (and a bit of input from Turkey), I decided on a pan-fried chicken and grapes with a creamy white wine and mustard sauce, plus couscous and sautéed asparagus. For dessert, I made a strawberry Moscato torte, which my family liked, but sadly I didn’t really enjoy.

15 years later, and still just as happy as we were on the day we got married!


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