2015-16 School Year–Week Thirty

Getting closer to the end of the school year!

I think we’re officially done learning new material in math this year! Now it’s time to review, especially for Turkey and Bunny, as they have a HUGE final exam coming up. I don’t know who is more nervous about that test…the students or the teacher!

Ladybug is done with grammar and writing for the year, and she’s kind of disappointed that she doesn’t have anything left to do! Turkey and Bunny wrote their final essays, as well, so that’s one more subject checked off the list!

In history, we learned about the Alamo and the Mexican-American War. We only have two chapters left in that text…one about New Zealand, and one about the gold rush. I’m always sad to end a section of history…it’s my favorite subject to teach!

Turkey and Bunny have moved on to their last chapter in science…and it’s a long one! They’re learning about the brain and nervous system…complicated stuff. Ladybug is also working one finishing up her science. She’s learning about beetles right now, and will also cover flies, true bugs, “weird” bugs, and butterflies.

We’re still working on finishing up The Trojan War. We may still be working on that after we’re done for the year! But, we’re getting close to the fall of Troy, so the end is in sight!

I have a few fun field trips planned in the next week or so…stay tuned!

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