Tasty Tuesday–Alfie’s Inn

One of the things I really wanted to do while we were in the Chicago area was eat at Alfie’s Inn in Glen Ellyn. It was one of my favorite restaurants when I was a child, and I really wanted the children to see it.



The interior is amazing. The suit of armor was just as I remembered it, and they really have the cozy pub thing down!

In addition to the printed menus, you can also see their original menu (which consisted of less than a dozen items) on the walls around the restaurant:

I had to have the Sir Alfie Loinburger…before eating at Seamus, it was the best burger I’d ever had. Seamus still wins the contest, but it was nice to try The Sir Alfie again. We also had calamari, which Turkey has been wanting to try forever, and onion rings. Ryan tried the fish and chips, which was the first thing I ate there way back when, and was happy that they had malt vinegar to go along with it!

It’s no Seamus, but it’s still a good meal, and I enjoyed the trip down memory lane!

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