The Art Institute of Chicago

When I was planning our day in downtown Chicago, the Art Institute wasn’t even on my list. I assumed that with five children, it would be cost prohibitive, as most museums are. I’m not even sure why I looked at their ticket prices, but you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that children under 14 are always free! For the cost of only my admission, we were able to spend a few hours looking at some amazing art…well worth the (very minimal) cost of admission!


Honestly, I wish we could have spent more time at the Art Institute. But we managed to see the Impressionists, as well as a good deal of religious art. We even saw a bit of modern art, even though that’s not our favorite. Turkey and I were very disappointed that we got to see almost none of the arms and armor, however…that exhibit is currently under construction, so we only got to see a bit here and there.


After a very cursory walk through some of the Indian and ancient Greek art, we also saw one of the top items on my list…the Chagall America windows:


I hope we’ll go back someday, but for now, this was a great introduction to one of the greatest collections of art in the world!

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