Chickadee Thursday

Yet another super busy day for Chickadee! I don’t know how she isn’t exhausted at the end of every day…I sure am!

She loves looking at the altar at Hope Lutheran in St. Louis, where her siblings are attending choir camp. Like me, she especially likes the imagery of the pelican on the front. While she was looking today, she knelt down, folded her hands, and started praying. My mommy heart nearly burst at that!


Did you know that Wehrenberg Theatres has dollar movies on Thursdays? I didn’t before yesterday, but I sure am glad I checked on a whim. Chickadee and I went to see one of her favorite movies, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, for literally change I had in the car! Plus, air conditioning!


We also stopped at the Lego Store. I wanted to drool over the new Big Ben set (so gorgeous…I can’t wait to buy it!), and Chickadee wanted to play at the Lego and Duplo table…because we don’t have enough Lego and Duplo bricks at home, right?


After our day out in the heat at the zoo yesterday, it was nice to find some fun things to do indoors, where we could also enjoy the cool air!

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