Zoo Day

Ever since we received a membership to the St. Louis Zoo as a gift, we’ve been planning a big “zoo day,” where we would use our member passes to do everything. Today was that day!


We did it all (I think). We rode the train (several times!), touched the stingrays, went on the Conservation Carousel, visited the Children’s Zoo, and saw the sea-lion show. In between, we visited some of our favorite animals (although, we didn’t get to see as many as we would have liked…it seemed like a lot of the exhibits were being cleaned).

Five hours later, when we had seen and done everything we wanted to at the zoo, we figured that as long as we were so close to Seamus McDaniel’s, we just had to stop in for a late lunch. It was delicious, as always!



We had the perfect St. Louis summer day!

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