A Border of Boats

I wasn’t originally going to get this boat border print skirt. I love the print (Hello…Mary Blair! And another transportation print, too!), and the style (the Jenny is still my favorite style of anything from Pinup Girl Clothing!), but green is not a color I usually wear, so I assumed it wouldn’t work for me. Then I realized that while the skirt has a lot of green, at least it wouldn’t be near my face, so why wouldn’t I get it? And Pinup Girl even had a shirt in the perfect shade of pink to go with it!

Then, when I received my order, I almost returned it. Seriously. Had a return authorization number, boxed it up, sealed the box shut, took it downstairs so it was ready to go. But I thought about it overnight, and I realized that I was just in a bad mood when I tried it on, plus it was super wrinkly from shipping, and that colored my opinion of it. So, I tore open the box (again) and tried it on (again) and decided that I loved it!


So now I have trains, planes, and boats, all in Mary Blair prints from Pinup Girl. I wonder what’s next? Hot air balloons? Rocket ships? Bicycles? Only time will tell!

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