Apple Picking 2016

Since Moose had a half-day of school today, and it wasn’t too terribly hot, we decided to go apple picking at Eckert’s.


The wagon ride to the orchard was fun. Picking apples was…not. We were told that due to the extreme heat and excess rain this summer, many of the apples were blemished, so we should look them over carefully before picking. This may have been an understatement. We discovered many apples rotting on the trees…even ones that looked good from the front would be completely rotten in back. The whole orchard smelled like bad wine, I assume from all of the rotting fruit on both the ground and the trees. We picked only about 13 pounds before we gave up (that may sound like a lot, but when you have five children, they disappear quickly!). It was a good lesson in the many obstacles that farmers have to overcome, though!

After our less than successful trip to the orchard, we visited the play area. The children always want to have their picture taken in the big apple!


They also played some miniature golf and visited the goats and zebu. The animals always make us laugh!

Of course we had to visit the country store, and buy some apple cider!


This wasn’t our best trip to pick apples, but at least it put us in a fall kind of mood!


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