Lego Buckingham Palace

I spent the afternoon today working on my latest Lego London landmark: Buckingham Palace!


I was impressed right from the start with the tiling that represents the street, the gardens, and the pedestrian access:


There were tons of tiny pieces in this set. I also encountered some very unique building techniques, but it still came together rather quickly.





As always, I was impressed with the level of detail in the set, including the fence out front, the double decker bus (my third of varying sizes!), the flag flying over the palace (I guess Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is in?), and the Victoria Memorial out front:

One of the best parts of the Architecture series are the instruction books. They don’t just include directions for building the model, they also include a history of the building, trivia, and some beautiful photos!


I’m very happy with how it turned out!


We now have Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace decorating our living room. The large-scale Big Ben will be joining them eventually (the smaller Architecture model is in our school room), and I’ve heard a rumor that next year, there is also going to be a Lego London skyline Architecture set, which I’m really excited about! The more London landmarks that decorate our home, the happier I am. Even if I can’t visit that city, I can admire its beautiful architecture, Lego style!

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