2016-17 School Year–Week Seven

Another week is in the books…I’m a little distressed by how fast this year is going by!

This week in math, Turkey and Bunny have been working on graphing equations. This isn’t really new, but apparently they had forgotten how to do it, because they both thought it was too easy for their answers to be correct! Ladybug has been working on estimating adding and subtracting money, which I also don’t think is particularly new, but was a bit of a surprise to her.

We turned our attention in history to events the happened in both South America and Canada around the time of the American Civil War. It’s always fun to learn about our neighbors to the north, and since we had spent some time learning about Brazil and South America during the Olympics, that was also an interesting topic.

Ladybug has been attempting some much longer dictations in writing. This is something she struggles with, because she gets so hung up on spelling that she loses track of where she is in the dictation. Turkey and Bunny have been working on four-level outlines, and are continuing to write short essays.

Turkey and Bunny finished the chapter about the different layers of the atmosphere in science. They’re both enjoying physical science, but Turkey in particular loves it. Ladybug is learning about pinnipeds…so far we’ve discussed seals and sea lions, but we’re really looking forward to learning about walruses next week!

We started an in-depth study of the Constitution this week. Eighth grade is the standard grade level for this subject, and I was originally going to save it for the spring term, but I decided that learning about it, and how our government works, in the weeks leading up to the election would be beneficial. I even have some resources for Chickadee and Ladybug that are a bit less academic than what their older siblings are studying!

We had a somewhat unscheduled field trip this week. Moose had the day off from school today, and I learned that they were having a celebration on the Eads Bridge, which links St. Louis with Illinois, so I decided we should go, since there just aren’t many opportunities for walking down the middle of a bridge over the Mississippi River! We learned some things about the history of the bridge, as well as how they renovated it to (hopefully) make it last another 50-75 years. It was a beautiful day to be out, and a unique way to spend the afternoon!


I think after next week, we may take a fall break, but I haven’t decided for sure. I’m hoping for some beautiful weather to enjoy whenever we do take some time off!

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