I decided to step way out of my comfort zone, and try a new style of dress in a wildly new print designed by Stephanie Buscema for Pinup Girl Clothing!


I’ve looked at other Allison dresses before, but never found one I loved enough to try it out. I really love the Snow White evil queen transformation print, though, and was regretting not even trying to get a Jenny skirt in the same print, so when I saw that it was going to be available in this dress, I knew I had to try it out.

The colors and print of the skirt are amazing. And while I know a lot of people weren’t sure about the color of the top, I love the way it brings out that same color in the skirt. It really works for me. It’s also a great fall/winter dress, especially given that I didn’t already have any other dresses in this sleeve length.

The name of the print is kind of fitting for me, as this dress shows just how far my transformation has come since I started dressing in Pinup Girl styles. I’m not into Halloween, but even though this print is part of the Halloween collection, I love it. I’m also not particularly into Disney, but again, this print (and the colors used in it) are so gorgeous, I don’t even care. This dress isn’t “me,” and yet at the same time, it really is! I’m not sure how that even works, but I’ve already found the perfect excuse to wear it, and I intend to continue doing do throughout the colder months!

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