Happy Birthday Moose!

Today is Moose’s eleventh birthday!!!

Despite the fact that he has three days off of school this week, he had to go to school today. So we waited until after school to open presents…luckily, Wednesday is early dismissal day! He was very excited about his new Lego sets…especially the police station, a set he’s wanted for a long time. He has already assembled it, and put it on display with the fire station he received in 2013!



For his birthday cake this year, Moose requested a s’mores cake. Because I’ve never actually made one before, I had to do a little searching to find the right recipe…he loved it, so I guess I was successful!



It is so hard for me to believe that Moose is 11 already…the years are slipping by so fast. I’m so proud of him, and today, especially today, I’m very glad to have a chance to celebrate him, and the amazing young man he is!

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