2016-17 School Year–Thanksgiving Week

This was definitely a short week of school!

We did some work in our two days of school. We continued talking about the means of grace in Lutheranism 101. We covered confession and absolution and the first of several lessons on the Lord’s Supper. Turkey and Bunny had math and science tests, and Ladybug worked some more on her current chapter in science. We also continued our study of the Constitution, where we learned about freedom of expression and religion.

We also had some fun this week. We finished our study of Thanksgiving with some of our favorite, more whimsical books. Our thankful tree is also almost complete, and very full of all the things for which the children are currently grateful.


And, as always, today we made hand-and-footprint turkeys. I know the year is coming when no one will want to make them, but I’m glad that for now, everyone at least tolerates this craft!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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