2016-17 School Year–Week Thirteen

It was difficult to get serious about school after Thanksgiving week!

Our religion lessons have really ramped up. In addition to Lutheranism 101 and church year commemorations, we’ve also added our Advent Jesse Tree readings, and the story of Jotham’s Journey to our days. This week included the rare occurrence when the commemoration date for Noah fell on the same day we read about him for the Jesse Tree!

Turkey and Bunny have been working with multiplying and dividing binomials and polynomials in math. This really isn’t new to them (although this week they learned about a new shortcut for special cases), and they breezed through the lessons. Today, the entire lesson took them less than five minutes! Ladybug has been working on more difficult division problems…I fear long division may be looming on the horizon!

Ladybug finished her chapter on primeval reptiles in science this week. Meanwhile, Turkey and Bunny started a new chapter on the hydrosphere. We also got to do a science experiment for their writing lesson, because they’re learning about writing about science experiments. We did the classic egg in a glass of vinegar experiment, and the children were thrilled with the results. I was just thrilled with an experiment that went exactly as it was supposed to!

Our history studies have taken us all over the world this week. We discussed Brazil, the Ottoman Empire, South Africa and the Boer War, and Ireland’s potato famine. We’ve also almost finished our study of the Constitution…we just have one lesson and a few amendments to go through.

Ladybug has started her literature study of D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths. She has really been looking forward to this one, so she’s very excited! Turkey and Bunny are still working their way through Treasure Island. It looks like such a small book, so it feels like we should be done with it by now, but there’s a lot more content than the book size suggests!

I was looking at this wall this week, and I realized that it sums up our school year so far pretty well:


Only two more weeks of school until Christmas break!

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