2016-17 School Year–Week Fifteen

What an insane week!

Between a sick Chickadee on Monday, a church holiday on Tuesday, and countless errands almost every day, I can hardly remember what all we did in school. But, even with all the busyness, I’m pretty sure we got a lot accomplished.

We have continued to look at the modern Lutheran church in Lutheranism 101, and we also discussed the history of education in the LC-MS. In addition to our Jesse Tree, we also celebrated one of my favorite church commemorations this week…Santa Lucia Day.

Math has been a little insane. Turkey and Bunny have been working on factoring trinomials, which was going ok until they got to more complicated coefficients in the first term. They were convinced that they would never understand it, but after two days of practice, I think they have it figured out. Ladybug continued to work on division, and even though she keeps telling me that she “can’t” do it, she does understand it, which I guess is all that matters. And everyone got “As” on their tests this week, which is a good way to wrap up math before Christmas break!

I skipped ahead in Turkey and Bunny’s writing this week to give them a fun assignment. They got to do a movie review! And since they were supposed to review a movie that wasn’t too familiar to them, I picked one of the few Christmas movies that they’ve only seen once or twice–Christmas in Connecticut. They both enjoyed it, and I really had fun reading their reviews!

Ladybug finished the chapter on fish in her science book. She was surprised that in a lot of ways, the life cycle of a fish is very similar to the life cycle of bugs she learned about last year! Turkey and Bunny completed their unit on the hydrosphere, and they both did well on that test, just like they did in math. Another thing wrapped up before vacation!

We abandoned our literature studies of Greek Myths and Treasure Island this week in favor of some Christmas stories. We began our annual reading of A Christmas Carol, and we also read some story books and short stories around the world. We’ll continue with those books next week, and possibly the week after, too! Our usual “Christmas Around the World” study fell a little flat this year, however. The Brazilian meal I had planned didn’t work out, and frankly, I’ve been too busy to try and replace it with something else.

Technically, we have one day of school left. We have a few things left to do on Monday, including a little math, some grammar, and a fun Christmas craft. I’m also hoping to spend a little time learning about Hanukkah. Other than that, we’re done with school until 2017! Merry Christmas!


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