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It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Pinup Girl Clothing’s Mary Blair prints. They’re some of the funnest prints they offer! And Chickadee always oohs and aahs over all my Pinup Girl clothes,because of the twirl factor, but especially the Mary Blair items. And since elephants are her favorite animal, she’s always begging me to wear my circus elephant print skirt.

The day I learned that Pinup Girl was going to be offering a “Little Mary” dress in Chickadee’s size in the circus elephant print was a day I knew I was going to be a little poorer. There was no way I could not get that dress for her. We had to be outfit buddies, and so I waited no-so-patiently for several months for it to be released. You should have seen the way her face lit up the day it arrived!

This is the only Pinup Girl dress I’ll be buying for Chickadee because, let’s face it, I can’t afford to clothe someone who grows so fast in a wardrobe of couture. But this one dress is so special, and for me, more about the memory we will have than anything else. I only wish that I had gotten in on the pink striped peasant top for myself before it sold out, so our outfits could be even more similar!

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