2016-17 School Year–Week Twenty

I think this week lasted an eternity! There’s just something about February, and we’re only 10 days in…

We moved father east in our study of world religions in One God, Many Gods. This week, we focused on Hinduism and Buddhism. This was very timely, as it intersected nicely with our history studies, as we learned about Gandhi, nonviolent noncooperation, and the Indian nationalist movement. We also learned about Ireland and the Easter Uprising, the Peace of Versailles, and the rise of Joseph Stalin in history.

Turkey and Bunny continued to practice using the quadratic formula in math, and also learned how to graph functions, including parabolic quadratic functions. Ladybug has been learning how to calculate perimeter, area, and volume, in addition to continuing to practice all the different geometry terms she has learned.

Chickadee is very excited, because she finished her workbook this week! She really has counting and number recognition down, knows all her colors, and most of the shapes. She’s still working on recognizing the letters of the alphabet, and remembering what sound each makes. Given that she hasn’t even started kindergarten yet, I think she’s doing great!

In science, Ladybug has been learning about the most delicious of crustaceans…lobsters! She studied crabs and crayfish this week, too. Turkey and Bunny finished a weather chapter that focused primarily on wind, cloud types, and temperature. They start the next weather chapter next week.

No field trips or anything of particular interest this week…just your typical February doldrums!

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