2016-17 School Year–Week Twenty-Four

First full week of March, and I think we’re finally shaking off the February blahs (although, our refrigerator dying this week didn’t really help with that…).

In math, Turkey and Bunny have moved on to complex word problems. The kind of word problems I hated doing in algebra, because I could never figure out how to create an equation to get the information I needed. Thankfully, they seem to be faring better than I did so far! Meanwhile, Ladybug has continued working with fractions, and has also begun working with decimals. She actually blows through fractions really quickly now, and almost always remembers to reduce…I’m very impressed!

Turkey and Bunny have been analyzing different passages in writing. Ladybug has continued to diagram sentences in grammar, and is currently working on identifying prepositions used as adverbs. She is also working on writing whole sentences in cursive. It’s a lot of work for her, but her cursive handwriting is very nice!

In history, we have been learning about some of the issues that had to be dealt with following WWII. We covered the partitioning of Israel, the Suez crisis, the Marshall Plan, and the division of Germany and the Berlin Wall. It was a lot of information to cover, and involved jumping back and forth in time a bit, but it was definitely an interesting period of time!

Turkey and Bunny wrapped up their introduction to physics in science, and will be taking a test on it next week. Turkey had really been looking forward to studying physics…until he found out how much math is involved! I don’t think either of them will look at the work “relative” the same way again, either! Ladybug started a chapter on cephalopods in her science text. She’s really excited about learning about squid!

Ladybug is continuing to make her way through her Greek Myths book. Even though I’ve been through this literature story once before, I’m always appalled by the familial relationships in the Greek pantheon! I had intended for Turkey and Bunny to finish Treasure Island this week, but a migraine slowed me down a bit, so that won’t happen until next week. Once we’re done with that, we move on to Shakespeare!

The next two weeks are going to be difficult to get through…we have two birthdays and St. Patrick’s Day to look forward to! We will press on though, and try to get most of our usual work done!

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