Sartorial Saturday–Lady Wrestlers

Today’s Sartorial Saturday post includes a guest appearance by Bunny, who is now the proud owner of her very first piece of Pinup Girl Clothing!

As soon as I saw that they were releasing a skirt with a lady wrestlers print (which was done in collaboration with the Hernandez Brothers), I knew she had to have it. She loves all things WWE, so I knew it would be the perfect birthday gift. As it turned out, I didn’t have the heart to wait until her birthday to give it her…I really wanted her to have it for Wrestlemania last weekend. She was ecstatic, and had to do the poses of some of her favorite wrestlers while wearing it:

Now both Bunny and Chickadee have Pinup Girl items in their closets, but poor Ladybug will have to wait…she’s too big for the children’s items, but still too small for the women’s line!

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