2016-17 School Year–Week Thirty-Two

We’re almost done!

Turkey and Bunny continued reviewing what they’ve learned in Algebra 1 this week, and had their last exam of the year…they both got As! We’ll do a little more review next week, but not much…I think they know it! Ladybug also reviewed what she’s been learning and had her final exam of the year…another A!

Ladybug finished her final chapter in science, on all the other “stuff” that lives in the water. So, pretty much worms and microscopic stuff, neither of which you really want to think about too much if you’re say, planning on swimming on the ocean. Good thing that’s not on the schedule for this summer! Turkey and Bunny finished the chapter on electromagnetism in their science book, but they still have a test to take before they’re done for the year.

We finished As You Like It, which, because it’s a comedy, had a happy ending that we enjoyed. We continued reading Little House in the Big Woods, as well. We won’t finish that before we’re officially done with the school year, but no one will mind reading it at the beginning of our summer vacation!

Turkey and Bunny both finished their final papers for their writing course a few days early! I had given them until next Wednesday to get them done, since we didn’t make it to the library until this week (call me crazy, but I hate visiting the library when it’s pouring rain like it was last week…I hate worrying about keeping the books dry!), but they didn’t want to worry about it over the weekend. Ladybug has finished up her writing course, as well.

We also finished The Story of the World volume four this week. This was the stuff that I really remember well…the first Persian Gulf War and the end of apartheid in South Africa. I have a fun study of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” planned for next week, to wrap up everything we learned since the end of WWII.

We even managed a fun day off this week, to celebrate Ladybug’s 10th birthday. We spent the day Tuesday at the St. Louis Zoo, and made our way around the whole thing. We got to touch the stingrays and ride the carousel (both free the first hour the zoo is open!), visited the orangutans and other apes, wandered through the sea lion exhibit, walked up the hill to see the giraffes, camels, wild asses (yes, my children love an excuse to say “ass” in an appropriate way), and zebras (and walked through the monkey house along the way), walked back down the hill and took a break by the main entrance, then through the whole River’s Edge exhibit where we saw both rhinos (the female is pregnant!), a cheetah, painted dogs, and the elephants, and finally back over to The Wild to see the penguins (who were unusually playful that day!) and polar bear before we came home. It was a fun and exhausting day, and I think pretty much every school in the St. Louis metro area was also there for end-of-the-year field trips!

We don’t have too much to do next week. A final history wrap-up, a last homeschool day at the Missouri History Museum, and the aforementioned science test are pretty much it!

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