2017-18 School Year–Week Five

It was another busy week, and we never even did go on a field trip!

All of the children have been learning about Abraham and his many relatives in their various religious lessons. Turkey and Bunny have been studying about Abraham in history, as well, so that has worked out rather nicely. I think Ladybug may learn about him in history next week, too…I love when multiple subjects collide!

Math has continued to go well for everyone. Chickadee is a very mathy little girl, and if I let her, she’d probably be halfway through her kindergarten curriculum already. As it is, even with me holding her back a bit, some days she does two (or even three!) lessons just for fun! Turkey and Bunny learned how bisect angles this week (although I did learn that Turkey looked up how to do that some time ago, because he was curious). Ladybug learned how to measure area and volume. This is the least trouble we’ve had with math as a whole for years, and I love it!

The big excitement this week was science. We took samples of water from a pond in our neighborhood, and have been culturing them. Yesterday, we got out our microscope to see what we had caught. In addition to the bacteria we were looking to find, we also discovered paramecium! All four of the children were truly delighted to see those tiny, microscopic creatures moving through the water. It was one of those thrilling homeschool moments! We get to check back in on our samples in a few days, and we’re looking forward to seeing if there are any changes.

Maybe next week we’ll go on one of the several field trips I’ve been considering…we’ll just have to see how it goes!

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