2017-18 School Year–Week Ten

I’m really hoping that next week, we’ll finally get out and go on one of the outdoor field trips I’ve been saving for the actual fall weather!

Even without field trips, we’ve been busy this week! Turkey and Bunny have been finding the area of rectangles, triangles, and trapezoids in math. Nothing too challenging, although some of the bonus questions were a little tricky because they involved breaking an irregular shape down into its parts. Long division has returned in Ladybug’s math, and she’s not terribly thrilled about it! Chickadee has been working on patterns and sequences.

I am still grudgingly reading Heidi with Ladybug. Bunny has been enjoying listening in, because it’s one of the few books in the house she hasn’t read already. She and Turkey are also looking forward to finishing up Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, but they’re not quite done with the fourth fit yet. I started reading Ramona and Her Mother to Chickadee, and she’s doing a great job listening to and recalling parts of the story.

Turkey and Bunny have been all over the place in history this week. They’ve been learning about the Amenhoteps and Ramses in Egypt, the Hittites, and even the Trojan war. Ladybug got to read a few fables from ancient Africa, and also learned about the Middle Kingdom of Egypt.

One of my favorite things about Turkey and Bunny’s biology course this year is the fact that we get to use our microscope so often! This week, as we wrapped up the chapter on fungi, we looked at yeast under different magnifications. We started with yeast straight out of the packet, which frankly was rather boring. But once we added warm water and sugar, and let it “burp” a bit, it got very interesting. And even though they don’t really get what they’re looking at, Ladybug and Chickadee also love microscope days!

I’m really hoping that we get out next week, at least once, but we’ll see. We have very strict standards for what constitutes an actual fall day with weather we truly enjoy!

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