One Last Korean Feast for the Closing Ceremonies

Just over two weeks ago, I shared the Korean dinner I made for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics…tonight I made another special meal for the Closing Ceremonies. I used the same cookbook, and we tried two new foods…Sundubu-jjigae (spicy soft tofu stew) and Gaji-namul (steamed eggplant). Once again, I got to work with some new ingredients and cooking methods.

One of the ingredients in the stew was kimchi, so we had that as a side dish again, along with short-grain rice. I even found Jinro, a brand of soju (a distilled beverage), for the adults in the house! I strained my stew because I wanted to make sure I found one of the eggs, but everybody else enjoyed it as soup like you’re supposed to.

I left the gold and silver table linens we used at our tea party on the table, to complete our Olympic look:

When I was researching Korean food and culture, I discovered that we know as Moon Pies in America are quite popular in Korea. I managed to find Choco-Pies made by the Orion Confectionary Company, a South Korean confectioner!

This meal was even more foreign to us than the one I made for the Opening Ceremonies. It was also quite popular, but I will confess…I didn’t like the stew! I’m glad the children enjoyed it, though, and I really liked the experience of making something new and special as we say goodbye to the Olympics!

2 thoughts on “One Last Korean Feast for the Closing Ceremonies

  1. Lynn says:

    Hi Amanda. I lived in Korea for 6 years, so I know something about Korean food. Soon Tubu Chigae should be more like a soup, so if you were serving it on plates and not bowls it was way too concentrated. That probably explains why you didn’t care for it!

    Good for you to be trying Korean food! It was really one of the best things about living in Korea!

    • amanda says:

      It was soup-like, but I strained mine a bit, because I wasn’t feeling broth-y. I think my dislike of it was related to the soy intolerance I forgot I had! But my children really liked it, so I still think it was a successful meal!

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