2017-18 School Year–Week Twenty-Three

Now that the Olympics are over, we’re finally back to our normal school schedule. I really miss watching the Games, but I have to admit to being a bit relieved that we’re not trying to cram so much stuff into every day!

Our religion lessons are really starting to fly by. Chickadee has already been in the New Testament for a few weeks, and Ladybug is about to join her. Turkey and Bunny have made it to Samuel and David…it may sound like they’re significantly behind their siblings, but they’re doing an overview of just the Old Testament this year, so they’re actually quite far into the book they’re using!

Speaking of being far into different subjects, as crazy as it sounds, we’ve already finished some things for the year. Ladybug completed both her vocabulary and handwriting books. Turkey and Bunny also completed vocabulary for the year, and worked hard to also finish off their ninth grade writing course. And we finally finished the last book in the Ramona series!

Turkey and Bunny were introduced to theorems in geometry this week…they’re getting dangerously close to doing proofs! Ladybug worked more with adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. Chickadee has become really comfortable with double-digit numbers, and is starting to be able to tell time!

Everybody has been learning about Rome in history…even Moose, who is learning about Ancient Rome at his school…he’s been eager to compare notes, and find out if Ladybug, in particular, has learned about the same things he has!  It has been kind of a relief to me to get away from some of the more complicated Greek and Egyptian names, and focus on some people who are little more well-known, pronunciation-wise!

Turkey and Bunny finished their chapter on macroevolution in science, and are excited to be getting closer to their dissection experiments. (Their teacher is still kind of on the fence on that one, which is weird, because I always enjoyed dissection when I was a student!) Ladybug finished learning about lizards, and will be starting on the rest of the reptiles and amphibians next.

Now that we’re in March, the end of the school year is on the horizon, which is kind of unbelievable to me. But we still have a lot of fun and interesting things to learn before we’re done!

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