This is a story of how I am simultaneously the luckiest and the unluckiest person ever.

Last fall, around the time Super Mario Odyssey came out for the Nintendo Switch, I stumbled across a contest sponsored by Southwest Airlines (I don’t even remember where I found about it…maybe on a bag of cereal?). 30 people could win a Nintendo Switch prize pack consisting of a Switch, a carrying case, a copy of Super Mario Odyssey, and the Super Mario Odyssey Collector’s Edition guide. One of those winners would also win a trip for four courtesy of Southwest Airlines. I decided to enter, because I figured if I won, I could give the Switch to the children and I’d be a hero. I then promptly forgot about it.

A few weeks ago, I received a telephone call that I assumed was part of a telemarketing scam, and I (rudely) hung up on the caller. A few minutes later, I received an e-mail from a representative from Southwest Airlines apologizing for the dropped connection, and informing me that I won a Switch prize pack, and they were trying to get in touch with me. So, after a bit of phone tag and a few more e-mails, plus some paperwork, I was notified that my Switch had shipped and would arrive today.

So, I was very lucky…I won one of the 30 prize packs! But now the children already have a Switch, so I guess this one is all mine? Except I’m not very good at video games, although, if Nintendo ever makes an Animal Crossing game for the Switch, I’ll be ready for it! And I came within a 1 in 30 chance of winning the vacation I’ve been longing for (I even know where I would have gone…to New York City to see the Downton Abbey exhibit), which is so close, so I think I’m a little unlucky, too…but my children think I’m still awesome for winning something! Now I just have to figure out how Super Mario Odyssey works…

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