2018-19 School Year–Week Two

We’re starting to fall into a routine with school, but it is a bit more challenging now that Chickadee is doing more work. She had her second word list this week, and it was much longer than the first one, and took quite a bit of time to go through. Along with that, she also had new stories to read and more pages in spelling, Explode the Code and handwriting to do. And in math, she worked on counting by twos!

Ladybug learned about the Angles’ and Saxons’ arrival in Britain, and also read an abbreviated version of the story of Beowulf in history. She started working on one-level outlines in writing. In math, she reviewed the various properties of addition. She’s loving both her equine science lessons and reading the White Stallion of Lipizza for the first time!

Turkey and Bunny had a lot of fun in science being introduced to significant figures. They also learned about Kelvin temperature, and how to convert from both Fahrenheit and Celsius to Kelvin. Their creative writing lessons moved on to writing from a second person point-of-view, which they don’t really care for. And we decided to postpone our literature study of Romeo and Juliet to read through Dorothy Sayers’ The Emperor Constantine: A Chronicle (one of my favorite pieces of literature ever!).

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