2018-19 School Year-Week Three

I have to admit, I’m kind of shocked that we’ve already completed our third week of school!

Turkey and Bunny survived their first chemistry test and second algebra 2 test. Now that they’ve worked on conversions and counting the correct number of significant figures, they’re going to be moving on to atoms next week, which is very exciting to me. In history, they learned about Roman Britain and Hadrian’s wall. They’re both enjoying creative writing, even when they have to write from uncommon points-of-view, like the first person plural.

Ladybug learned about post-Roman Britain in history this week, particularly the arrival of Augustine of Canterbury. She continued working on one-level outlines in writing, and also worked with a thesaurus. In math, she started on some slightly more complicated equations.

Chickadee has started using flash cards to memorize addition facts in math. Her handwriting lessons now include whole words instead of just letters. And she learned even more sight words in reading, and is adding new suffixes to her list, as well. We’ve all been enjoying reading In Grandma’s Attic with her…I love sharing all of those stories again!

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