2018-19 School Year–Week Seven

Another week completed…we’re already about a fifth of the way through our school year! How crazy is that?!?

What’s really crazy is how much Turkey and Bunny have been learning in chemistry. They’ve learned things about the atom this week that I’m sure I never did. One especially interesting topic was orbitals. They also wrote a few more short stories for creative writing, and I have to say, I really enjoyed reading them! We also started our literature study of Romeo and Juliet (Turkey is less than thrilled), and a lesson on the Huns (including Attila), in history.

Ladybug enjoyed her math lessons this week, because they focused on geometry. She finally got to use her protractor to measure angles. Her history lessons were centered on China at the time the Grand Canal was built. She’s also almost finished her literature study of the White Stallion of Lipizza, and is continuing to enjoy learning about horses in science.

Chickadee has reached a really fun stage in reading. Now that she’s learned some more blends, she’s started noticing all the things there are to read everywhere, and she’s attempting to sound out the signs she sees when we’re out and about. She got to work on counting with money in math this week, and she’s also really enjoying the second Grandma’s Attic book.

We finally went on the field trip I’ve been hoping for, and the weather was perfect for it…it actually kinds of feels like fall! Laumeier Sculpture Park just debuted an exhibit of restored neon signs and new neon artwork by David Hutson. It’s been awhile since we visited the park, and neon signs are right up my alley, so we took the morning today to see the exhibit and walk through the park.

We also watched Rick Steves’ The Story of Fascism in Europe special this week. I highly recommend this show, because he ties history and the present day together very well, explaining how the horrors that accompanied WWII came to be, and what European countries are doing to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It was definitely heavier than the regular Rick Steves’ Europe shows we watch, but it contained a lot of good information, and gave us much to talk about.

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