2018-19 School Year–Week Nine

If I were being completely honest, I would just say imaginary numbers, and end it there, because that’s about all my brain can handle right now…

…But, there were other things this week, even for Turkey and Bunny (although, the imaginary numbers did take up a lot of their brain space!). They also learned about Lewis Structures in chemistry, as well as more on how to “read” the Periodic Table. They finished the first act of Romeo and Juliet. Their creative writing assignments continue to impress me!

Ladybug has started mixing some more complex equations with the order of operations in math. She finished her study of the White Stallion of Lipizza. She also learned the importance of center of gravity to both horse and rider in science. And in history she read about Clovis and the Kingdom of the Franks.

Chickadee learned how to “read” the quarters of the hour on a clock in math. She read some longer stories out loud, and they included “qu” sounds! Her handwriting is improving, as are her map-reading skills. Her enthusiasm for school is a lot of fun!

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