2018-19 School Year–Week Ten

A lot happened this week!

Chickadee probably had it the easiest. She did learn how to add three numbers in a column, and practiced adding two-digit numbers. She is close to done with her first Explode the Code book, and has also completed her first I Can Read It story book. And we finished More Stories from Grandma’s Attic, and started Still More Stories from Grandma’s Attic.

Ladybug learned about exponents and roots in math, and if that wasn’t enough, she also started working with scientific notation! She continued to learn more about horse movements in science…I had no idea there was so much to consider in how a horse moves! She also started reading another classic horse story, Misty of Chincoteague. In history, we returned to France, and read about Charles the Hammer and Charlemagne.

Turkey and Bunny continued working with Lewis Structures in chemistry, and learned how to indicate double and triple bonds. They finished their introduction to imaginary numbers in algebra…I think conjugates are up next. They started the second act of Romeo and Juliet, and for all they claim they don’t like the play, their written work has been excellent, and we’ve also had some really good discussions. In history, they learned about the Hephthalites in Central Asia as well as the Wei Empire in China.

We haven’t had a fall break yet, but we have had several four-day weeks, so I’m going to try to just keep going until Thanksgiving week…we’ll see how that goes!

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