Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp–Jack’s Halloween Hunt and More!

It’s almost Halloween, and that means theJack, the Czar of Halloween, has been visiting Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! The various events have been going on throughout the month of October, and there have been a lot of challenges!

First was Jack’s Halloween Hunt, a gardening event that offered furniture as rewards for catching various bats that were attracted to apple, peach, and plum “Lollipoppies.”

One of my favorite pieces of furniture was a bench that comes with a friendly ghost…I loved seeing the reactions of the animals at the campsite!

After the regular gardening tasks were completed, there were hard tasks that allowed you to get some of the furniture in an alternate color:

There’s also a fortune cookie event: Muffy’s Creepy Cookie, which has coordinating spooky items like this fun haunted pumpkin tree:

Jack came back for a fishing event, too! This time, the goal was catching orange, melon, and grape candy fish, and as is the case with all fishing tourneys, there was a special net available to guarantee a catch:

There were lots of costume rewards for this tourney, and my favorite were the count’s jacket and hat:

And if that wasn’t enough, there was also a special furniture item available for purchase with “Leaf Tickets”…Jack’s Puppet Theater. If you have this item, Jack can show up at your campsite anytime! I didn’t craft one, but Ladybug did, and let me take a picture of Jack visiting her campsite:

In addition to all of that, there are also terrain items available for purchase for Leaf Tickets, but we didn’t craft any of those (yet). This was a fun event, but I’m really looking forward to what Animal Crossing might have planned for Thanksgiving (a Franklin event, I hope!) and Christmas!

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