Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp–The One-Year Anniversary Extravaganza!

The whole month of November, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been celebrating their one-year anniversary! It’s been quite a series of events, and a lot of fun (and kept me occupied in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep because of my broken ankle!).

It started with a gardening event. Isabelle asked for help planting rosette seeds and catching flutterbows in preparation of the big party. The rewards included party tables and trays, decorations, and birthday candles (more on that in a moment).

The next part of the event was a gyroidite scavenger hunt. Finding the little Lloids allowed you to craft special party clothes, and also provided more opportunities to collect birthday candles. So what were these candles for? More party tables, and a special first anniversary cake!

There were lots of special clothes available during the event! An outfit to match Isabelle, a dress (and tuxedo) available for purchase with Leaf Tickets, and a whole party wardrobe that was easy to make with all the collected gyrodites!

There were special log-in bonuses, including Leaf Tickets, gold treats, and these cool puzzles tiles that make a fun picture at your campsite:

The third big part of the event was a fishing tourney, which introduced gold versions of the horse mackerel, olive flounder, football fish, and tuna. This time, the rewards included drink dispensers (lemonade and fruit punch), cheese and chocolate fondue fountains, and dessert trays.

One of the “gifts for all” was a music box that adds a new party memory to your scrapbook:

There was a big Leaf Ticket item that allows Isabelle to visit your campsite anytime. Also, note the cool fencing in the front, another gift for all, which I think really livens up the campsite:

And another gift…K.K. Slider’s party guitar!

Once all the anniversary rewards are displayed at the campsite, there’s a very festive atmosphere!

This is the biggest event Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has had so far…I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with for Year Two!

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