2018-19 School Year–Weeks Sixteen and Seventeen

What a crazy two weeks!

Turkey and Bunny have been doing all of the things in math and science. They learned how to use the quadratic formula and find discriminants in algebra. They learned about moles in chemistry. Plus they finished Romeo and Juliet, continued to write poetry (this time using metaphors), and learned about Mohammed in history. We also started our yearly study of A Christmas Carol.

Ladybug has also been busy. In math, she reviewed base 2 and divided using decimals. Her science lessons focused on horse grooming and diets. In history, she learned about the Jewish Diaspora. She is also almost done with Justin Morgan had a Horse…she’s pretty worried about how it’s going to end!

Chickadee is learning about fractions in math! She is also learning hundreds numbers. She finished another series of stories in her I Can Read It book. Now that we finished Treasures from Grandma, we’re taking a break from the Grandma’s Attic series, so she’s really been enjoying listening to me read some of our favorite Christmas storybooks!

We’re going to have school next week, but probably not a full week…and then it’s time for Christmas vacation!

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