2018-19 School Year–Week Twenty-Two

I’m still off schedule on these weekly wrap-ups, and strangely, having a whole weekend to think about it makes it harder for me to remember what all we’ve been up! Let’s give it a go, I guess…

Turkey and Bunny have moved on to studying acids and bases in chemistry. I’m pretty excited about this, because it’s always been one of my favorite topics. And who doesn’t love working with pH paper? Algebra 2 has involved mostly more d=rt problems. They’ve continued to progress through The Scarlet Letter. They took a break from actual writing in their creative writing course to memorize a creative poem. One of the options was “Jabberwocky,” which is pretty darn creative! In history they studied…something. I don’t remember what.

I do remember what Ladybug has been learning about in history…Suleiman the Magnificent. There has been some horse peril in King of the Wind, which she has not been thrilled about. She wrote some biographical sketches in writing. In science, she learned how to appropriately stable a horse. Her math lessons focused on temperature conversions and other metric measurements.

Chickadee started adding two three-digit numbers in math! She has also really become determined to read our “Cat in the Hat” library of books on her own, so she’s been making her way through those. It’s very exciting to see her actually wanting to read! We’re almost done with Away from Home…after that, we only have one Grandma’s Attic book left in our home library, and then I have to pray that our library system will be able to locate the remaining four (I think) books…in the past, they’ve been mis-shelved, and I’ve had to go searching for them at various branches!

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